Koiran hammashuolto: milloin ja miten

Koiran hammashuolto: milloin ja miten

The best way to detect potential health problems your pet is to learn to recognize its normal behavior, appearance and temperament. The changes may be signs of potential problems. Regular mouth kurkkaaminen to help find an early stage, whether the need for dental care. When totutat pet oral examination from an early age, it learns the routine quickly.

Oral and dental symptoms may affect the behavior of furry in many ways. For example, a dog may refuse to bet pastimes or stop kanniskelemasta toys in his mouth. It may be apathetic or alternatively uneasy. Increased salivation, loss of appetite, or the dog’s mouth caution towards the region can all languages problems. Then it’s time to take a look at secretaries joined in more detail.

vilkaistaan visual examination of the mouth corners of the mouth, lips, mouth, the inside of the tongue and the teeth. Observe in particular those:

  • The teeth should be white, clean and undamaged. They must not wobble.
  • The gums should not be bottled, red, or bleeding. tell a tale of dental stone color changes often appear just at the gum line.
  • The lips or tongue may not be ulcers.
  • Breath odor. Welcome mouth does not smell right.

Brushing the best dental care

The mouth of a visual check can be made, say, once a week, but the teeth can (and desirable) to brush more often. Brushing your teeth is the most effective and the simplest way to take care of furry teeth, as it fights the most tartar and plaque. Keep in mind, however, that people pastes and brushes are not for dogs. Pet Shops from your dog’s mouth you will find a suitable brush and makuhammastahnoja that make dental care from the moment Open Season kivemman experience.


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