Dental care for your cat – when and how?

Dental care for your cat – when and how?

Your pet needs dental care, just as you do. Teeth and gum problems might be signs of other, existing issues, or they can lead to them. Fortunately, most of the dental problems are easily preventable. Brushing your friend’s teeth and having the right diet will go a long way. Dry food gives the teeth some work and might prevent diseases.

Your little lion is still guided by their basic instincts. One of them is not showing their pain or health problems, which might make it difficult to spot if something is wrong. However, if your cat seems apathetic, eats less or has difficulty biting, take a look at their mouth. Bad breath, bleeding, redness and swelling are the tell-tale signs of mouth problems.

Brushing routine

Your kitty needs their own toothpaste and toothbrush. Those meant for humans are, indeed, meant for us humans. Be patient and start slowly. First, you can get your cat familiar with the taste of the toothpaste. You can place a small amount of paste to their lips or gums. In the next phase, you can try the actual brushing. Be gentle and move the brush in circular motion over the teeth. Don’t get angry or frustrated, just keep trying.

Some treats for cats are designed for dental care, reducing plaque and caries. You can pamper your furry friend with those, perhaps after a well-done brushing.


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