Holiday gift ideas for your dog or cat

Why not thank your furry best friend for being loyal through the good and the bad? Your dog or cat is always by your side and makes you happy, so we’ve compiled this list to help make them happy. Check out our ideas for the perfect holiday gift for your pet!



Puzzles activate your pet’s mind and keep them sharp by giving them a challenge. They come in all sizes and may also help if your pet has a weight or gulping problem. Instead of normal feeding, you can also get a puzzle to hide treats in.

Cat trees, towers, and scratchers

No more destroyed sofas or other furniture for you! Cat trees and scratchers double as a hiding spot and playplace for your cat. They can sleep, play, scratch, and look out the window. There are short trees and tall towers; choose the right one for your cat’s preferences and fit the colors to your interior design. An older cat may not like to chill too close to the ceiling, whereas a younger kitten may be more adventurous.

Beds, pillows, and blankets

A soft bed with an easily washable and changeable fabric can be your pet’s new favorite place to sleep. (A cat may prefer the box it came in.) The peace of mind of an easily washable bed or blanket will make you happy, too!

You can also bundle up a nice blanket in a basket to make your pet a nest or lay it out on a sofa. Having one in the car is also a good idea, especially if you and your pet go swimming in the summer! (Or your dog enjoys taking surprise mud baths).

A little pouch for your cat lined with fake fur or wool is the perfect sleeping spot for Whiskers. Hide a toy in it and it becomes a play place, too!


A coat for the winter

A warm coat will keep your pup warm when he prances around outside, even in the coldest days of winter. It protects them from hypothermia and frostbite and makes going outside even more fun. Choose a material that stops the wind or has a lining. Note that this material should also be easy to wash! That means you don’t have to wash the dog itself as often, though.

A tough chewy toy

A durable toy for your dog can also help keep his teeth clean. If you know that your dog tears apart specific materials, try getting them something tougher for the holidays. You may have seen the horrible videos on social media about the dangers of sticks — maybe a fake toy stick to carry around might be a good idea for a gift!

Cats, on the other hand, have a bad habit of chewing through string and yarn and even swallowing parts of them. Make sure to hide such toys after supervised playtime!

Their favorite treat — duh!

Their favorite treats are always a safe bet and a good idea for a stocking stuffer. What does your baby prefer, pigs’ ears? Catnip?


Cat toys galore

There are so many types of cat toys that you probably can’t go wrong — just remember to keep the box, as they’ll probably prefer it to the actual toy. You could consider a laser or a squeaky toy mouse. Usually the simplest things are the best, especially if they include catnip.

Prefer more moving parts? Try a toy with a moving ball or a toy aquarium — no need to worry about changing the water or feeding the fish in this cat TV!

A water bottle for your travels together

Water bottles with built-in bowls are super useful for long walks, hikes, and trips in general. Your dog never really figured out human water bottles anyway, right?

Cooling mats

Does your dog get hot while playing? Do you live in a warmer climate? Or do they have joint aches these days? A mat filled with cooling gel can be the perfect place for them to chill (literally).

Tornado alert!

A cat tornado is a bowl with fake butterflies, feathers, and catnip that flutter and fly around as if they were stuck in a tornado. Every cat’s dream!

About these gifts…

Whatever gift you end up getting for your pet, they’ll still love you more than anything — so don’t feel pressured. You’re more important to them than any new-fangled toy they get from you!


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