Dog dental care: when and how?

Dog dental care: when and how?

Learning the typical behavior, look and mood of your furry friend is the best way to spot potential problems. The possible need for dental care is revealed not only by observing your friend but also by looking inside their mouth.

Mouth and dental problems affect every pet differently. Your pet might become apathetic or get restless. Dogs with toothache usually stop carrying toys in their mouth. Tug wars or eating might not interest them anymore. Some problems can lead to excessive drooling. All of these are signs to check the mouth.

When taking a regular dental check, pay attention to these:

  • The teeth have to be white, clean and intact. No teeth should be loose.
  • The gums need to be healthy pink. Look for bleeding or swelling.
  • The tongue and lips need to be without cuts or sores.
  • The breath should not really smell.

Dental care tips

A regular dental check can be done once a week. However, you can brush your pet’s teeth more often than that. Brushing is the most effective way of preventing teeth problems. Just remember to use products and toothpaste meant for your four-legged friend. Human products are not for them, so take a look at the pet product aisle in your local market or visit a pet store. While you’re at it, you can also buy bones and treats meant for dog’s dental care. Those are perfect prizes to give to your friend after a regular check.


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