5 qualities that will make you a great pet sitter

5 qualities that will make you a great pet sitter

So, you want to become a pet sitter? That’s awesome but with all the joys the job brings, there are also responsibilities. We listed the top five qualities of a great pet sitter. See how many you already have and rest assured, all of these can be developed.


Your schedule will depend heavily on the schedule of the pet owner. You’ll have to manage your schedule around many pets and their owners, different kinds of pets and your own hobbies, studies and/or day job. Sometimes the owner needs you on a short notice, or you’ll have to stay longer than expected. In those situations, your organizational skills and flexibility will show their importance. At all times, remain patient and professional.


You will be taking care of someone’s family member, maybe even in their own home. Prove that you are trustworthy. Be friendly, and follow the pet owner’s instructions. Every pet has their own habits, schedules, diets, and so on. When it comes to medications, a rigid schedule and right dosage are especially important. Double check everything. Write down all verbal instructions. Don’t let the pet break the house rules because their owner is away. Clean litter boxes regularly and walk the dogs as many times as their owner suggests.


Every pet is different and at first you are strangers to each other. It’s up to you to be sensitive to their needs, whether it’s food, play, walk or comfort that they are seeking. The pet will miss their owner, so give them extra attention. Play their favorite games with their favorite toys, take long walks, cuddle and talk to them. Cats and dogs are especially keen to social interaction, so be sure to provide that, especially if you are not staying with them 24/7.


True love for animals is the most important quality you need in this job. Show genuine interest towards the pets you are sitting. Ask about their habits, their personalities and their temperament. You should get excited about the opportunity to spend time with your new fur-friends. How do they get along with other animals? What triggers them? What do they fear? What kind of rewards or punishments they use? What are the house rules for the pet?

Safety net

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Having a safety net means that, should something go wrong, you will not be alone. Our customer care is open 24/7 and you can contact you whenever you need us. (This will also help the pet owner to sleep better at night!) To serve you even better, we are working on providing insurance and emergency vet care services in the future.

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