5 things your pet sitter needs to know

5 things your pet sitter needs to know

Being away from your dear pet, be it on holiday or on a business trip, is never without some stress. The nagging worry for your pet is always present, no matter how many times you tell yourself to calm down and relax. While that worry never truly goes away — we are talking about your family member here — there are a few things you can do for your pet, yourself and the pet sitter to considerably lessen the stress.

(We presume you decided to hire a pet sitter instead of bringing your pet to a boarding facility. We talked about making this decision earlier on our blog.)

No one knows your furry best friend better than you do. So, when hiring a pet sitter, make sure they have all the information they need about your furry family member in order to take the best possible care for them. Here are a few things to get you started:

The temperament and nature of your pet

What makes your pet unique from all the others? What do they love to do more than anything else? On the other hand, what are they afraid of? It is important that your pet sitter knows if your dog has a habit of chasing cars or if your cat is afraid of loud noises. This will help the pet sitter act accordingly and to not unknowingly push your pet to do something they’d rather not. Does your pet have a habit of hiding in some special space? What are their favorite toys? Help your pet sitter get to know your friend.

The health and exercise habits of your pet

How many times a day do you usually walk your dog? At what times? What games they love that might use up some of their energy? Does your pet have some medical history or past traumas the pet sitter should be aware of? What about your pet’s medications, if they have one?

The diet of your pet

The pet sitter needs to know exactly what to feed and what not to feed to your beloved friend. Do they have allergies?  Do you give them any supplements or vitamins? What are their favorite foods? What kind of treats do you give them? Does your cat or dog have a habit of eating grass? Are they picky eaters? The amount of food given and the feeding schedule are also important.

The discipline methods for your pet

What if your pet needs to be disciplined? How would you prefer your pet sitter to handle that situation? What are the house rules for your pet? What is considered especially good behavior? Are you trying to teach your pet some new habits or tricks that the pet sitter could encourage?

 All this and more in a written format

These are the things your pet sitter simply needs to know and remember. Trusting on memory alone leads to anxiety and might result in a catastrophe. So, whatever it is your pet sitter needs to know, write it down: where they can reach you? If they can’t reach you, who should they try next? Where can they find your pet’s medical records? Pay special attention to the numerical information like the amount and regularity of feeding and exercise.

It will give you some peace of mind to know that the pet sitters from Host My Pet are all reviewed before being accepted to our database. They, and you, also have 24/7 support available. In the future we will expand our services to provide insurance and emergency vet care.

To find a pet sitter near you, leap to our front page and start searching.


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