What your dog’s favorite play tells about them?

What your dog’s favorite play tells about them?

Your furry friend probably has an especially dear toy or an activity, which can reveal a lot about their personality. The favorite activities of your pet is often connected to their inheritance and personality. Let’s see what your dog’s play tells about them.

Dogs that were taken from their mothers too soon are often affectionate with plush toys. In addition, mothers who lost their pups might treat plush toys as their own puppy. Carrying the plush toys around can also be linked to the dogs inheritance. Retrievers used in hunting recovered birds for their masters. Because of the birds are delicate, the dogs had to have a loose, gentle grip.

Many dogs love to chase and retrieve balls and other objects because they are naturally keen on hunting moving objects. Shepherds and terriers are especially interested in chasing balls but remember to ensure your furry friend gets the hydration and rest they need.

Your dog’s love for tugging might be because it reminds them of tearing flesh from the carcass of a kill. Dogs that were historically used in controlling and protecting livestock enjoy tugging games because the dogs often had to bite and hold down something until told to release. Be sure to train your tugger to release on your command!

Cognitive Toys
The biggest motivation for the dog to solve a puzzle is probably the treat. But cognitive toys are also a wonderful way for the dog to pass time when they are alone or when you don’t have time to play with them. The mental stimulation will also tire them out, making sure your pup will sleep soundly the following night.

Bone chewing is a great way to keep the teeth and gums of your dog clean and healthy. A gnawing session gives your dog a way to put their powerful jaws to work! Just make sure to check the bones before giving them to your furry friend and do not give them too sharp or otherwise dangerous bones, such as chicken bones.

No matter what, your dog loves you more than anything in this world. They are happiest when they get to play with you and have your attention. Make sure to spare a moment for them every day. A nice, happy playing session will strengthen the bond between you and furry best friend.


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