Dog Sitting Experience of Daniel Ta, the Co-Founder of Host My Pet

Dog Sitting Experience of Daniel Ta, the Co-Founder of Host My Pet

Daniel Ta, our co-founder, had a visitor a while back. Read here about the dog sitting experience he had with Lizzy.

Lizzy is the first of my furry friends who stayed in my place through the Pet Boarding service of Host My Pet ans she is adorable! Lizzy was quite friendly with me right from the first meeting. She loved to explore her surroundings and I loved becoming her human companion. I also enjoyed our daily walks.

During the afternoons and evenings, Lizzy played with her toys and with me and my girlfriend, her new human friends. I have two dog toys I got from Host My Pet’s launch event and Lizzy loved to play with them. Sometimes she tried to keep both of them in her mouth at the same time, making her look a bit weird but funny! It was a lovely and an emotional experience to look after her as I miss my own dogs living in my hometown.

Our communication with Lizzy’s owner went smoothly. We agreed on the pick-up and drop-off schedules beforehand. During our first meeting, he informed me about Lizzy’s character.

Lizzy playing with her toy during her dog sitting stay

At the end of the day, when I saw her sleeping like this, I knew I was taking a good care of her. I know dogs only sleep on their back when they feel secure with their surroundings. This position is also the most comfortable for them.

Lizzy sleeping on her back during her dog sitting stay

P.S. As a member and the co-founder of Host My Pet team, I am very proud to use our own platform as one of the sitters. Would you like to have similar, great experiences at looking after your furry friends? Even better, would you like to earn some money in the process? If so, you can register as a pet sitter right now at our home page. It’s easy and free!


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