Cat’s health care through their lives

Cat’s health care through their lives

The medical needs and possible health problems of cats vary throughout their lives. We collected some basic information of the cat health care for kittens, adult and older cats.


A kitten makes their first vet visit at 10 weeks old. During the visit they get a basic health check and a vaccination against panleukopenia and rhinotracheitis. A booster vaccination is given a month after the first one. All cats, including house cats who spend their whole life inside, need a vaccine against panleukopenia as the mortal virus can easily get inside the house.

If you want to give your cat a micro chip, they can get it during these vet visits. If you are planning on participating exhibitions with your cat, the chip is often required. Also, many foreign countries insist on your cat having a chip if you want to take them outlands.

Use these vet visits to discuss the diet and worming plans for your cat. Kitten have different dietary and nutritional needs from adult cats.

Young and adult cats

Booster vaccinations are given when the cat turns one and they are repeated every year. During these yearly visits, the cats general health, oral health and weight are monitored and checked. Many cats suffer from caries and plaque, which in turn may lead to gum diseases.

Excess weight is a health risk for a cat and may lead to diabetes and osteoarthritis. Losing weight too fast is also risky, so ask your vet to create a diet and exercise program for your furry friend. If you want to sterilize or castrate your cat, it is usually done when they are around 1-year-old.

Older cats

During the yearly vet visits some blood samples can be taken. They can reveal health problems such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism or kidney failure. Older cats commonly suffer from osteoarthritis but efficient pain medication will help them to feel better. Just remember to only give your cat medication that suits them. Human medication can prove lethal for your furry friend!


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