7 good reasons for sharing your bed with a dog

7 good reasons for sharing your bed with a dog

Sharing your bed with a dog is not encouraged — but is it a bad idea? If you wake up every morning with your furry friend next to you, don’t feel bad. There are actually several reasons why sleeping with your dog is a good habit.

It feels nice and comforting

Maybe it’s the steady breath or the warmth of your friend, but there is something very calming about their presence. Your bed feels extra comfortable because of them!

It reduces insomnia

The presence of your dog reduces stress and makes you feel more secure. In a state like that, sleep comes easily.

It reduces anxiety

The positive energy radiating from your dog affects you, too. They give their love and caring whenever you need it.

It makes you warm

Your doggy wants to get close to you. The heat radiating from their body works like a small heater. In summertime, it might be too much for both of you but during the winter there is not a better source of warmth.

It eases depression

The unconditional and sincere love of your loyal friend can get to you even when depression is eating your brains. This connection with another creature, without criticism, can offer you hope when everything seems to fall apart.

It makes you feel secure

Your loyal guardian will always protect you and it looks out for dangers. Knowing that you are safe makes you sleep a lot better.

Your dog enjoys it, too

Your dog loves you more than anything else. Spending time with it is the best thing you can offer. Your dog brings you comfort and safety but it gets that from your presence as well.


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