5 reasons why you can trust us with your pet

5 reasons why you can trust us with your pet

Your pet is your family member, and therefore special and precious to you. Trusting someone unfamiliar to take care of them is a big decision — we know! Which is why we wanted to give you this nice checklist of reasons why you can trust us. Take these into account when choosing your pet sitter. In the end, not all services are the same.

Trusted local pet sitters
All pet sitters on Host My Pet have went through a careful review. We ask a lot of information about them right from the start to make it easy for you to choose a right sitter for your furry friend. You can easily see your pet sitter’s experience from their profile and read what other pet owners have said about them. All the pet sitters are animal lovers, just like you. Before booking a service, you can always ask for a meet&greet to see how you and the pet sitter get along.

24/7 customer support
We are here for you and work tirelessly to make sure you, your pet and the pet sitter have the best possible experience. We can be reached 24/7 via phone, email or chat. Whatever works for you.

100% money back guarantee
We take your trust in us and our pet sitters very seriously. Which is why we aim to provide you and your pet the best possible service. All payments are safely handled by us and the pet sitter will receive their payment only after successfully delivering the service.

Vet support and pet insurance (coming soon)
In case of emergency, it is important to know you are not alone. When the accident happens, we will be there for you and provide local vet care and support for your furry friend. In addition to this, all the pet sitters booked through us are insured to guarantee the peace of mind of all parties. We are currently working on arranging these services and are excited about the opportunity to bring them to you soon!

Mobile App
Our app for Android and iOS phones make it easy for you to search for pet sitters nearby wherever and whenever. You can also contact the pet sitter of your choice and book their services right inside the app. You will also use the application to keep in touch with the pet sitter while you are away. While you are away, the pet sitter will provide you daily photo updates of your pet. Pretty cool, huh?

To learn more, hop to our front page or send us a message. We would love to hear from you!


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