Why we focus on personality when hiring new people

Why we focus on personality when hiring new people

A while back Harvard Business Review wrote an article titled Great Teams Are About Personalities, Not Just Skills. The article’s main idea of the article is to present the large amount of scientific evidence showing that individuals’ personalities play a significant role in determining team performance. In particular, personality affects:

  • What role a person has within the team
  • How the person interacts with the rest of the team
  • Whether the person’s values (core beliefs) align with the team’s

Last year, Host My Pet team members talked about their own values. A survey was created listing multiple aspects of values and people were asked to choose their favorites. The TOP-3 values mentioned were the following:

  1. Taking responsibility for your work and words
  2. Not being afraid of making mistakes
  3. Eagerness to learn and innovate

In other words, we embrace the skills of our team members and encourage them to always develop themselves further by learning new things. This has a lot to do with trust, being able to feel safe even if you make a mistake. We encourage our team members to read books and great articles, we share our favorite TED Talks on our Slack channel and all in all want you to succeed as part of us.

Support, assistance and encouragement are always available for our team members, by team members. Not only this, but transparency and the idea of not leaving anyone in the shadows are at the core of our actions. We know what our team members are currently working on and feedback is freely given and received. Everyone’s individuality is respected and we are proud of our diverse team.

If you would like to become a part of our journey, we would love to hear from you! Read our story and send us your application. We would love to hear from you 🙂


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