Interview with Jukka Mäenpää – one of the Helsinki Puppy Parade organizers

Interview with Jukka Mäenpää – one of the Helsinki Puppy Parade organizers

During last May’s weekend, our team had a chance to visit Helsinki Puppy Parade – one of the biggest dog events in Helsinki (and one of the cutest!). We interviewed one of the event’s organizers – Jukka Mäenpää.

Jukka Mäenpää is a creative planner and a web developer at Dingle Oy – marketing communications agency, which has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.


– Jukka, how would you evaluate this Puppy Parade? What was good, what could be improved in your view?

This puppy parade went very well! The feedback was once again very positive and everyone seemed to enjoy their time there. Another indicator of success was that even with so many puppies, the parade part started on time, and it only took a bit more than an hour for all the dogs to walk through the parade route. This shows we were able to improve the route and our efforts to keep it free of “traffic congestion”! For the next parade, we are going to improve the limits of the route; it was extended again beyond its set limits, and sort of overlapped the kids’ zone. We want to make the kids’ area more prominent.

– How many attendees were this season?

We estimated something like 300 dogs and 5000 persons.

– What is your motivation to organize this event? How many parades have you already organized? Actually, why did you start to organize it? What is the story behind?

This parade in May was our fourth. The motivation to organize it is seeing the joy and happiness it brings the attendees. I myself get so many positive vibes from the events, and I know our fans do too.

Originally I had heard about the concept of a puppy parade from a TV-show. I hoped there would be one in Helsinki until I realized I should just organize one myself. The first parade was an experiment–a successful experiment–so we decided to continue organizing them.

– What is the main goal of the event?

Simply to enjoy a day out meeting new dogs and feeling the positive energy the adorable puppies bring.

– When do you plan to organize the next Puppy Parade?

Our current plan is to have this year’s second parade in September. We have a smaller collaboration with Lasten Festarit in early August.

– Do you have any plans for the future – make it bigger, commercial or charity event?

We aim to make the parade more functional and serve our audiences even better. We might need some commercial partners to help us, but we hold it imperative that the events remain admission free and all partnerships bring some sort of benefit for our attendees, dogs, and people.

– Anything else you would like to add for me?

The Helsinki Puppy Parade crew wants to thank everyone who has attended our events so far, and we hope to see everyone and their dogs of all ages at the future parades!

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