World Animal Day 4.10

World Animal Day 4.10

The Animal Day is an international event which is celebrated on the 4th of October annually. From this day onward is the Animal Week that will last until the 10th of October. The Animal Week has been celebrated for several decades.

Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived.

– Douglas Williams

The mission of Animal Day

The aim is to improve the status of animals worldwide so that the welfare requirements will move into more positive direction. The Animal Day combines animal welfare associations with each other and combines their power to make the world a better place for animals. The day is celebrated in different ways in every country irrespective of nationality, religion, beliefs or political positions.

Through increased awareness and education we can create a world where animals are recognized as emotional and self-aware beings, and they must always be respected.

Participation in Animal Day

Animal welfare associations, youth and children foundations/groups, businesses and individuals can arrange events for the World Animal Day. Everyone is encouraged to take part in this significant event, and the contribution to take part in the event has been growing each year. The event will continue to grow as long as it reaches and combines all animal welfare supporters around the world.

Celebrating the World Animal Day 

It does not matter whether the event is big or small – the only thing that matters is the importance of the matter! Examples of how to celebrate the event:

  • events that raise awareness
  • workshops and conferences
  • animal shelter “open doors”-days and pet adoption
  • fund raising
  • radio and TV interviews
  • school events


Animal Week in Finland 

SEY, the Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations has started to celebrate the Animal week since 1959 and this theme week is held each year starting from 4th of October continuing to last until the 10th of October. Each year the theme of the Animal week is some current or otherwise important topic. This year, 2017, the theme concentrates on wild animals. SEY is involved in producing material for children and the general public, and it also contributes in fund raising.

More about wild animals and the activities and donations of SEY you can find in this link. The Animal Week fund raising will start on Wednesday on 4th of October at 2 pm in Elielinaukio, Helsinki.

SEY and other associations will organize events throughout the week around Finland. This link takes you directly to a page where you can see what’s happening all around Finland – including where and when. Even with small actions each one of us can contribute so that the welfare of animals will get improved in the world we share with them.

Each and every one of us can make a difference for animals.



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