When your furry friend is scared of fireworks

When your furry friend is scared of fireworks

Fireworks are colorful, exciting — and loud. For our animal friends, they are often nothing but a source of fear and anxiety. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help out your furry friends.

Help your pet get used to the sound of fireworks. You can play them on Youtube and see how your pet reacts. Day by day, you can increase the sound level, until your friend is used to the loud noises. Whenever you see ignorance and stress-free attitude towards the sounds, give your friend a little treat or a scratch behind the ear. They’ve earned it!

Safety first

Don’t make a big deal out of your friend’s fear for fireworks. If they come to you, you can pet them but do not coddle them too much. Hugging or kissing only shows that there really is something to worry about and that they are doing the right thing being afraid. Especially cats feel often more safe when hiding so you can treat them with a cardboard box or simply let them hide wherever they choose to go. Notice that cats might also scratch things when running away from the loud noises.

Having the TV or radio on the background might help and playing with your pet will take their attention away from the scary things. You can ask some relaxants or tranquilizers from your vet, or pick up pheromone evaporator from the pharmacy to help your cat(s). Make sure the doors and windows are shut and locked, as it also reduces the noises coming from outside. If, despite all this, your furry friend flees from home, a micro chip will be a huge help when trying to locate them.

Sparklers, candles and light sticks

While not exactly fireworks, sparklers, candles and light sticks are often present in parties. You have to be careful with these things.

Sparklers Using these inside the house is questionable anyways, and especially so around animals. The sizzling noise and the bright light might be really scary for your pet. Be careful with the red-hot burnt stick as well.

Candles Curious cats wanting to take a closer look at the flame might burn their paws or mustaches. Your pet might also walk too close to the candle or knock it over. With living fire, stay constantly vigilant and consider getting a candle jar. Electric candles are the safest option.

Light stick These are made with soft, flexible, easy-to-break plastic. The fluorescent oily substance inside the stick tastes really bad. Even a small amount will increase salivation and might irritate the skin and eyes of your four-pawed friend.

If the liquid gets inside your pet’s mouth, you can feed them some treats or wet food to reduce the bad taste. The liquid leaves the fur and eyes with water. You can see the glowing spots in a dark bathroom!

Your friend should be fine in a few minutes. If they aren’t, call the vet.


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